Luminit offers rapid lead times for Proof of Concept built prototypes. Send us your micro lens design, and Luminit will send you a part within four weeks.*

fast prototyping of MLAs


Luminit LSM Services for fast response time include:  

  • Micro lens arrays (MLAs)

    • Lens formula

    • Aperture

    • Sag

    • Packing fraction

    • Lens arrangement

    • Customer-provided 2D profile of what the final structures need to look like

  • Thick binary structures

  • Customer-provided randomized structures


rapid prototyping for micro structures
Figure 1. 3D profiles generated using confocal microscopy of micro lenses in Photoresist. In this case, the photoresist master has a concave polarity which is typical while imaging into the resist using grayscale lithographic processes.
fast prototyping of MLAs
Figure 2. 3D profiles generated using confocal microscopy of micro lenses that were replicated from Photoresist into a UV curable epoxy. Odd generation replications result in convex profiles.



fast prototyping of MLAs

*Note: More difficult structures will need additional time: standalone structures (microprisms, diffraction gratings) and structures requiring precise heights coming all the way down to the glass. Every customer design will be pre-evaluated to determine if design can be completed in 2-4 weeks.

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