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  1. If there is a specific Luminit Light Shaping Diffuser you would like to test (e.g., Glare Control Panel, MG-LSD, DTF, VLSD, etc.), please note it in the description field.
  2. You must include a FedEx, UPS, or DHL number so we can ship your sample as efficiently as possible. Customers who include a shipping number will have priority.  

The information you provide on this sample request form is used to respond to your request. Please be aware that this information may be transferred to a server located in the U.S. for metrics and storage. Luminit does not share personal data with any third party vendors. If you do not consent to this use of your personal information, please do not submit this form.

Master sample sheets of our standard diffusers are available to qualified customers who want to see how Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers® perform. Samples are limited to the angles as follows:

80º, 30º, 5º, 75º × 45º, 60º × 30º, 60º × 10º, 40º × 1º, 60º × 1º, 30º × 5º

For custom sizes or special requests, contact sales@luminitco.com

picture showing the light beam spread after using a lighting shaping diffuser

Please fill out the order form on this page to receive a sample packet. Please provide details so one of our sales engineers can help you select the right sample for your needs.​