Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffuser® scatter model for Zemax OpticStudio is available as a courtesy under the DLL downloads section of this website and allows customers to visualize the output distribution of our Light Shaping Diffuser®. These Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are native to OpticStudio and require either the Premium or Professional version of Zemax. 


Photopia’s library now includes the following circular/symmetric diffusers from Luminit:  1°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 30°, 60° and 80°.  This will allow fixture manufacturers to quickly and accurately simulate the performance of circular Light Shaping Diffusers  in non-imaging optical designs. 
Photopia allows for the production of virtual luminaires in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of physical prototypes.  With computer modeling, a number of design variations can be tested without altering physical tooling.  Photopia’s Parametric Optical Design Tools module allows you to create optical designs in which you control how the light is aimed and the relative amount of light sent in various directions in your distribution.  All of the key aspects of the design that affect the light control are parameterized in ways meaningful to optical design. 

This is in direct contrast to standard parametric CAD software, which only allows you to parameterize mechanical features that have indirect and unknown optical effects.  Photopia includes a built-in CAD system that allows the user to create and manipulate components of the model.  Photopia also interfaces with the following CAD packages: SolidWorks™, AutoCAD™, Pro/Engineer™, CREO™, Solid Edge™, and Inventor™.

Optis Speos

SPEOS is the core technology behind OPTIS’ family of light simulation software and is available as a stand-alone software package or as software integrated in a CAD platform. With twenty years of practical application, SPEOS is the most full featured and realistic tool to create, analyze, and virtually validate innovative lighting systems.

Using Optis, you can access our Bi-directional Scatter Distribution Function (BSDF) data, as listed in our BTDF and BSDF data downloads.

LightTools AND Lucid Shape

Both of these optical design tools are owned by Synopsys. LightTools has a library of Luminit angles available; however, we do not own a copy of either of these software packages, and new angles must be measured to be available in LightTools or Lucid Shape. We recommend contacting Synopsys directly for information on available angles as this is not a free service.

Luminit includes detailed user guides on BTDF and DLL files; however, if you have any questions about our modeling services, you can always reach out to us at sales@luminitco.com.