hiding hot spots on LEDS

Light Shaping Diffusers at Work

You may not see the technology behind Luminit’s LED Light Shaping Diffusers but you 'll notice the effects. Our LED diffuser film expands what’s possible with light using Luminit's advanced holographic beam shaping technology. Unlike conventional plastic light diffusion panels, Luminit's patented technology shapes light energy with holographic patterns embedded on polycarbonate film or rigid sheets. These patterns create a pseudo-random surface that can manipulate light by changing the direction of its energy. Available in both circular and elliptical formats, the diffusion ability of Luminit LSDs is remarkably efficient so high efficacy fixtures are possible.

How does this help lighting designers and lighting manufacturers? Light Shaping Diffuser sheets and films “clean up” and shape a light beam to suit a particular purpose and that’s big. For example, LEDs are very efficient but hot spots and uneven light distribution remain a problem for lighting professionals. Our Light Shaping Diffuser sheets homogenize and shape the light with 85% to 92% transmission efficiency. The above picture demonstrates the effects of a 60° x 1° elliptical LSD’s effects on an LED strip light. The light is shaped by spreading the horizontal radiation 60° only 1° in the vertical direction. The result is the elimination in hotspots on LED lighting as well as CCFL, fiber optic and laser light sources. Luminit has the largest catalog of diffuser angles and formats used for LED lighting, architectural lighting, bio-medical illumination, semiconductor metrology, aerospace, automotive, laser and display applications.

Luminit diffusion technology is based on a very thin microstructure on top of the clearest substrates available. The transmission efficiency of our thin film and thick rigid diffusers are practically equivalent.

surface relief patterns

90 degree diffuser

LSD surface relief structures that are replicated from a holographically-recorded master. These pseudo-random, non-periodic structures can manipulate light by changing the direction of its energy. The result is the elimination of Moire՛, color over-angle, and precise angular beam control.



Luminit Has Capabilities Others Don't 

High Transmission Efficiencyelliptical diffuser sheets

Because the principle of surface scatter is used instead of volume or bulk scatter, our LSDs tend to have a much higher transmission efficiency (~92%) than conventional diffusers. Holographic Light Shaping Diffusers offer superior optical transmission between 200nm and 1500nm.  Depending on the angle of distribution, LSDs will achieve between 85% and 92% transmission efficiency. The low back scatter of the LSD structures are anti-reflective in nature and utilize light that would otherwise be wasted due to Fresnel loss. A clear piece of polycarbonate substrate is 89% transmissive.  With an LSD surface added, transmission improves to 92%.  Note that Luminit measures transmission utilizing an integrated sphere with the LSD structure incident to the light source.  

Beam Shaping        

LSDs precisely shape, control and distribute light. The patented holographic master recording process allows a variety of circular, or elliptical light patterns, and a wide variety of standard elliptical angles are available. 

Homogenized Light

“Hotspots” and uneven light distribution are common problems with filament, arch, LED, CCFL, fiberoptic and laser light sources. LSDs greatly smooth and homogenize sources while providing uniform light in critical applications such as LCD backlights, LED displays, machine vision, automotive lighting and 
viewing screens.

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