Pixel-by-Pixel Design and Write Capabilities at High Volume Production Levels

Luminit now utilizes in-house direct-writing of masters to bring custom micro-optics design straight from conception to high volume production. Our greyscale photolithography and advanced microscopy tools allow the creation of refractive and diffractive optics, with feature sizes down to 1 micron. With design, mastering, replicating, testing and measuring under one roof, advantages for customers include compressed design cycles and simplified supply chains. Optical outputs include flat-top intensity profiles, random dot generators, pattern generators, custom diffuser profiles, Fresnel lenses, phase plates, and custom logos or graphics. Components can be manufactured by injection molding, roll-to-roll embossed, or sheet-by-sheet embossed, depending on thickness, temperature, and volume requirements.                                  


• Precision, high-volume plastic optics
• 3D surface relief creation
• Smooth or pixelated greyscale designs
• Multi-layer alignment and measurement tools
• Surface and profile measurement tools
• 3D Measurements
• Custom refractive optics design
• Custom diffraction optics design


• Branding projection
• Facial recognition
• Iris recognition
• Time of Flight
• Gesture Recognition
• Beam Shaping
• Structured Lighting
• Random dot generator                                                                                                                                                                                                    

          micro optics for iris scanning and eye tracking            optics and diffusers for LIDAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

optics for facial recognition and scanning