brightness enhancement film


Enhance Display Brightness

Luminit Round-Tip Display (RTD) brightness enhancing film is designed to increase the brightness of displays by making use of refracted and reflected light to recycle otherwise wasted light and direct more light toward the viewer. A prismatic diffuser sheet, our round tip display film can increase display brightness 30% to 40%. The round tips are more rugged than sharp tip prisms which can break off in use causing contamination in the display. A prismatic light diffuser sheet, the round-tip pattern is embossed on a 10 mil polycarbonate substrate which has higher temperature durability when compared to polyester films. The RTD film is available with or without an integrated diffuser on the back. The combined RTD film and diffuser reduces the number of films in the display stack.

Luminit also offers Display Brightness Film (DBF). Click here to learn more. 


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round tip display stack

round tip display stack
The round-tip pattern is embossed on a polycarbonate substrate that has higher temperature durability than polyester films. When combined with a diffuser, RTD film can reduce the number of films in the display stack.