Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers® are pervasive in the lighting industry and are incorporated into interior/exterior, architectural as well as event and stage lighting. Many LED lighting applications require diffusers capable of improving the uniformity and controlling the beam angle of the fixture without sacrificing light output. In some applications, the diffuser is required to mix the color emissions of multiple sources or to illuminate a larger symmetrical or asymmetrical area. LED hotspots and uneven light distribution are also common problems with LED sources. Luminit manufactures light diffuser panels and film hat homogenize and shape the light with high transmission efficiency – 85% to 92%. Our unmatched library of angles includes also extreme elliptical angles that are very effective for wall washing and are used in some of the world’s most famous landmarks.

diffused lighting for retail stores

Diffusers for Interior and Exterior Lighting 

The conventional design of lighting systems and fixtures is changing to take advantage of the increased availability of cost-effective high-output LED sources. Light Shaping Diffusers® provide high transmission efficiency, beam shaping, and homogenized light. Many lighting fixture designers are working to get Energy Star approval for their products. Light Shaping Diffusers® help provide the high transmission necessary to optimize energy saving and achieve such approvals in a cost-effective manner.

wall washing a building with LED diffusers


Diffusers for Architectural Illumination

Light Shaping Diffusers® are particularly useful for multi-color wall wash and wall graze applications utilized in architectural lighting. They offer excellent color mixing, beam angle control and very high transmission. Formats include standard 60×1, 60×30 degree. In addition Direction Turning Film (DTF) can be incorporated into LED fixtures to increase wall washing, improve pathway and stair lighting, reduce glare and increase ground illumination. 

HB/LED energy-saving designs require more sophisticated diffusers to mix the RGB sources and reduce color separation for uniform illumination of buildings and monuments. Both indoor and outdoor luminaires are often employed to highlight the architectural features and other specific aspects of landmarks or provide just the right atmosphere for viewing. While Light Shaping Diffusers® provide the high-quality, uniform output needed to illuminate the Eiffel Tower or the Texas State House, they can also set the right mood in and bring brand color rendition to upscale bars and restaurants, retail stores, museums, and exhibitions.

diffusers for stage and concert lighting



LED Light Diffuser for Concert & Stage Applications  

Light Shaping Diffusers® are being successfully used in many high-quality, professional LED stage lights. Light Shaping Diffusers® deliver uniform color mixing and directionality at high transmission levels in entertainment lighting solutions, from close-up shots to more subtle pastels for theatrical lighting—or the vivid full-color palette found at rock music concerts.

safe lighting for parking garages




LED Light Diffusion for Outdoor and Area Lighting

Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers® optimize lighting in stadiums, parking garages and other large area lighting applications. Available in film or rigid sheets on UV-stable substrate to help prevent yellowing, our LED lighting diffusers offer precise angular beam control and  high transmission efficiency.  Luminit also provides replication services for custom micro-optics in edge-lit light guide designs.  

What is de-lamination?

Luminit is the only manufacturer that replicates diffusers directly onto rigid panels and not through a lamination process. While lamination can be cheaper in the short term, it’s only a matter of time before “de-lamination” occurs, particularly on outdoor fixtures. The diffuser will need to be replaced because it will become brittle, peel and yellow over time. Designers and engineers choose Luminit over others because they simply can’t afford to use cheap diffusers.


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