eliminating LED hotspots in car taillights
Light Shaping Diffusers for Automotive Taillights


presentation on holography for augmented reality
Watch the seminar


     webinar showing how to use Zemax with Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers                     

     light pipe diffusion for automotive rear lights



Luminit flat optics solutions
Overview of Luminit Flat Optics Solutions




video showing how light shaping diffusers reshape LED light
Graphic motion video showing how our diffusers reshape a light source


diffuser beam angle video
Light Shaping Diffuser Beam Angle Capabilities


holographic optical element beam shaping for augmented reality
Graphic motion video showing the input and output beams of our Transparent Holographic Components 


how to reduce LED hot spots
How to eliminate LED hot spots in direct view application


LED light diffuser formats
Light Shaping Diffuser formats