• diffusers for high powered lasers

  • Diffusers for Laser Systems

    Luminit Glass-on-Glass Light Shaping Diffusers® are particularly applicable to laser, biomedical instrumentation and other high temperature/power applications, as well as UV applications requiring high transmission efficiency at UV wavelengths. Glass-on-Glass Light Shaping Diffusers are available in three versions:

    1. Ultra-high Temperature/Power Light Shaping Diffusers®-- Pure glass diffusers up to 2”x2” in size that can diffuse from 0.5° to 15° while operating at temperatures up to 500°C with a laser damage threshold of 8J/cm².

    2. High-temperature diffuser – A glass diffuser up to 2”x2” in size that can diffuse from 0.5° to 50° with operating temperatures up to 200°C.

    3. Hybrid glass Light Shaping Diffuser®– This version can be made up to 20”x20” in size and with a wide range of angles from 1° to 80° circular as well as at many elliptical angles. It can also be produced on a wide range of optical glass substrates.

    These Glass-on-Glass Light Shaping Diffusers® offer transmission efficiency of 88 to 92% depending on angle in the visible light range. They are also available on silica UV53 substrate, which has transmission efficiency of 70% at 190nm.

  • diffuser for bar code scanner

  • Diffusers for Machine Vision Applications

    Machine vision applications range from barcode scanners to sophisticated automated optical inspection systems to detect and measure defects on a wide variety of surfaces—from silicon wafers to champagne bottles—during and after their manufacture. Elliptical Light Shaping Diffusers® supply the uniformity required for detailed line scan metrology applications. Following are some of these applications:

    • Bar Code Scanners

    • Wafer Inspection

    • Die Bonders

    • PCB Inspection

    • Photocopier scanners

    • Biomedical Applications

    • Ring Lights

  • laser diffuser for bio medical equipment

  • Diffusers for Bio-Medical Instrumentation

    Today’s medical instrumentation incorporates a variety of light from fluorescent sources, UV sources, lasers, and LEDs for applications from general lighting to laser surgery and everything in between. Following is a list of biomedical equipment that has utilized Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers®:

    • Blood Analyzers

    • MRI Scanners

    • Bacteria ID Systems

    • Eye Screeners

    • X-ray Tomography Systems

    • Laser Cosmetic Surgery

    • Biological Imaging Systems

    • Teeth Whitening Systems

    • Cellulite Reduction Systems

    • Laser Eye Surgery

  • diffuser to reduce speckle on a laser projector

  • Diffusion for High-Brightness Projectors

    The arc lamps and lasers used in today’s high-brightness projectors generate a lot of heat, which precludes the use of polymer-based diffusers. Luminit’s high-temperature Glass-on-Glass Light Shaping Diffusers can withstand heat up to 500°C and provide the same benefits as polymer-based Light Shaping Diffusers® within a narrower range of angles. They are also used in high power laser systems because they have high laser damage thresholds – 8J/cm². 

  • diffusers for light guides and light pipes

  • Diffusers for Light Guides and Light Pipes

    Luminit offers a unique injection molded format of its Light Shaping Diffuser® for light guide optics. Incorporating our precise micro-structure diffusers on one or both ends of the light pipe allows color mixing and beam angle control for more uniform and homogenized results. Available in both circular and elliptical beam profiles, Luminit light guide/pipe diffusers can be simulated before the mold is created to determine optimal beam patterns.

    Features include:

    • Luminit’s patented holographically mastered nano-structures provide very high transmission (85 to 92%) for maximum light output

    • Choose from a number of symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles to create a light pipe/guide that shapes the output beam

    • Light pipes/guides can be designed with mechanical tabs or clips for faster, lower-cost “snap-together” assembly

    • Non-yellowing material available for outdoor use as well as flame-retardant material to meet UL/CE flame retardant ratings

    • Simulation of diffusion/ray tracing available to predict optimal patterns

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