diffusers for LCD displays

Diffusers for LCD/LED Displays

Light Shaping Diffusers, specifically, Luminit Edge-lit Uniformity Tape (EUT) helps solves common problems associated with widely-spaced LEDs, including hot spots and other non-uniform characteristics visible on the edges of LED flat panel TVs and edge-lit lighting fixtures. Utilizing Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffuser (LSD) technology, EUT is typically applied to a light guide plate and diffuses the light source of the LEDs. Invisible to the naked eye, microstructures embedded on the LSD increase the divergence of the LEDs, allowing the light to mix before entering the visible part of the display. The result is a more uniform, brighter display without increasing the number of LED lights.



diffusers for smartphones

Diffusers for IR Sensors 

Luminit’s IR (Infrared) Direction Turning Film (DTF) is highly effective when used with narrow-band IR LED sensor applications such as in consumer electronics. An asymmetrical, prismatic film mastered using gray scale lithography, IR DTF film imparts a 10° shift in the angle of an IR 810nm LED light source and is specifically designed to work with Osram’s IR OSLUX SFH 4780S LED. IR DTF helps engineers and product designers overcome the challenge of having the LED and the sensor located next to each other. The DTF directs the light more accurately toward the target (e.g., the eye) and back to the sensor to collect data.

head up displays with augmented reality

Diffusers for Heads-up Displays 

Luminit diffusers are actively engaged in commercial and aerospace display markets and include such ground-breaking products as Direction Turning Film and Edge Lit Uniformity Tape designed to enhance the viewing angle, brightness and efficiency of displays used in avionics and in consumer electronics. Luminit is also an industry leader in advanced holographic technologies for Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) and Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). Luminit also supplies its Light Shaping Diffusers in a variety of angles on non-birefringent and other specialty substrates for use in 3D systems utilized for computer graphics, signage and gaming applications. Rolls or rigid substrates for high volume operations or the film can be cut to size. 

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