For high volume lighting applications, Luminit offers low-cost rigid injection molded Light Shaping Diffusers® that use a shim insert methodology to injection mold our microstructures into rigid windows up to 6” (150mm) in size. These custom injection molded lenses can reduce the cost of an LED lamp or fixture while providing increased value, and the cost advantages are compelling for any customer looking to purchase more than 10K units per year of the same angle. Luminit injection molded diffusers can be custom designed in a variety of shapes and sizes, in both symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles, and are ideal for recessed downlights, spotlights, and flashlights, as well as Parabolic Aluminized Reflector (PAR) and Multifaceted Reflector (MR) lamp formats. We can even design these diffusers to fit a lamp or light fixture with the mechanical tabs or clips molded in the lens, significantly reducing assembly/installation time. The monolithic integration of Luminit's micro-structure into the exit window of a lamp results in a rigid lens with very high light transmission, a smooth and frosty finish, and a controlled beam pattern.

injection molded light diffusers




  • Luminit’s patented holographically mastered micro-structures which provide very high transmission efficiency (85 to 92%) to help you meet Energy Star ratings.

  • Choose from a number of symmetrical and asymmetrical diffusion angles to create a lens that shapes the output beam to the precise beam angle that is required for the space.

  • Lenses can be designed with the appropriate mechanical tabs or clips molded in for faster, lower cost “snap together” assembly.

  • Can be made with non-yellowing material for outdoor use

  • Can be made to fit most lamp formats, downlights, spotlights, flashlights, and other lighting fixtures.

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