Luminit Holographic Optical Element (HOE) technologies are creating new opportunities for AR smart glasses, head-mounted,  Vehicular and Avionics Head-up Displays. Lightweight and highly efficient, these components direct light without the need for bulky conventional optics. Compact form factors (<1.5 liters) are possible that can fit easily within under-dash or combiner designs. These holographic beam diffractive diffusers can be customized to accommodate HUD virtual image distances of 1-meter or farther and work for visible (RGB) to IR wavelengths. 

Examples of input and output beams using Transparent Holographic Components
Click image to see examples of input and output beams using Luminit holographic optical element technology. 

Advantages of using Holographic Optical Elements: 

  • Multi-color images

  • Unparalleled transparency above 90%

  • High diffraction efficiency above 80%

  • Bright virtual images that can be projected in front of vehicles for increased safety

  • Luminit Transparent Holographic Components can be mass produced in high-volumes

Optics for Heads up Displays and Wearables

This optical diffuser performs well on heads-up displays for pilots and motorcyclists as wellholographic optical elements in head mount displays as wearable technology such as smart glasses, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).  For helmets, the possibilities include head-mounted displays for off-axis image projection of a high-resolution micro-display through a thin plastic visor. For smart glasses, it eliminates prism-based optics with fully see-through technology that allows the images to be viewed at a virtual distance without added weight to the user.

When combined with an LED light source, Luminit HOE technology can produce a floating, transparent image on a car windshield without any obstruction of view. Other uses in automobiles include hiding a light source, such as interior dome lights or center high mount stop light (CHMSL) on the rear windshield. Luminit thin film optics can also be used for  branding purposes, such as floor lights or mud lights that can project light as well as the auto manufacturer’s logo.

Applications for Luminit’s thin film optics include: 

  • Automotive

  • Solar concentrators

  • Optical sensors

  • Spectrometers

  • High capacity recording memory



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