diffusion panels for ceiling lights

A Single Film Solution for Achieving Efficient Batwing Illumination

Luminit’s Lenticular Batwing Diffuser is a double-sided, single-film solution that dramatically increases the light distribution of linear light fixtures. Designed for a variety of recessed or suspended ceiling lights, Luminit’s lenticular batwing light shaping diffuser incorporates an elliptical Light Shaping Diffuser on one side and a prismatic structure on the other side. The combination not only enables larger spacing ratios for fixtures but allows designers and engineers to adjust hiding power without sacrificing lobe distribution. A single film batwing solution, Luminit’s unique design offers efficient batwing illumination that spreads the peak distribution away from the center, while eliminating hot spots and reducing glare for more aesthetic and human-centric lighting conditions in retail stores, schools, and work environments. Available in mini-roll tapes in custom widths with an 80° diffusion angle.

    polar plot batwing diffuserBatwing diffuser profile

      angle plot batwing diffuser

  • Provides batwing light distribution that is ideal for retail stores and office spaces          

  • All-in-one, single-piece solution reduces cost and assembly time

  • Excellent hiding power without sacrificing lobe distribution

  • High transmission efficiency


  • Luminaires

  • Linear recessed fixtures up to 8’ long, LED light panels, downlights, linear fixtures, hanging pendants and backlights

  • Ideal for hanging pendant and other linear lighting fixtures

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