Accurate Optical Modeling for Zemax Users

Luminit’s diffuser scatter model for Zemax OpticStudio is available as a courtesy to customers and allows engineers to visualize the output distribution of our Light Shaping Diffuser. These Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are native to OpticStudio and require either the Premium or Professional version of Zemax. Please review the User Guides and training webinar on how to properly use this program. Note: Depending on the type of anti-virus software you are using, your computer may block the DLL files from downloading. If you experience any problems downloading the files, contact: By downloading these files, you agree to abide by the restrictions outlined in the DLL Terms page.

Download User Guide

Download Supplemental User Guide                                                                                                                                       

Webinar on how to use Zemax OpticStudio with Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers

Download DTF User Guide

Scatter Model with Substrate plus Resin

Luminit Glass Diffusers

Luminit Plastic Diffusers

Luminit 10 Degree Direction Turning Film

Luminit 20 Degree Direction Turning Film