High-Volume, Low-Cost Light Shaping Diffusers for Laser Projection Systems

Luminit’s Monolithic Glass Light Shaping Diffusers (MG-LSD) improve the beam angle quality of light engines and reduce speckle in laser-based projectors. Available in angles from 1° up to 15°, these glass plate diffusers are etched directly into float glass and can be mass produced at a low per piece cost.  This glass diffuser has a high laser damage threshold and light transmission up to 98% with optional AR coating. 

 monolithic glass diffuser            



•    High volume production capability dramatically reduces cost
•    Speckle and noise reduction for improved beam quality
•    High laser damage threshold
•    Multiple diffusion beam angles 
•    Light transmission up to 98% with optional AR coating
•    No organic material or outgassing
•    Available in various shapes                     

Product Specifications:

•    Material Composition: Monolithic Glass
•    Maximum Size: 120mm x 120mm square
•    Thicknesses: 1.2mm to 3mm
•    High-temperature damage threshold: Up to 400°C  stable
•    Transmission: 91% -93%, 95%-98% with AR coat
•    Angles: FWHM  1° - 15° 

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