Monolithic Glass Light Shaping Diffusers for Wet and High-Temperature   Environments  

Luminit’s Monolithic Glass Light Shaping Diffusers improve the beam quality and precisely control the beam angle of light sources in specification-grade lighting fixtures. Available in 1°, 5°, 20° and 30° angles, these glass plate diffusers are etched directly into float glass and meet 5VA flammability requirements. Ideal for wet, outdoor and high-temperature environments, our monolithic glass diffusers can be mass produced at a low per piece cost.

 monolithic glass diffuser for lighting fixtures            


•    Outdoor architectural fixtures
•    5VA, low-ceiling and high-flame requirements
•    Recessed lights in damp locations
•    High temperature
•    In-ground
•    MR16 lamps


•    Cost-efficient pricing for high volume applications
•    Multiple diffusion beam angles
•    Light transmission up to 91%
•    No organic material or outgassing
•    Available in various shapes
•    Clean native beam             

Product Specifications:

  •  Material Composition: Float glass

  •  Maximum size: 16.5” x 23.5”

  •   Standard Thickness: 1.9mm (custom thickness available)

  •  Transmission Efficiency: 80-91%

  •   Angles: 1º, 5º, 20º, 30°

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