Extreme Elliptical Diffusion Angles with Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers®

Submitted on Fri, 11/27/2015 - 01:41

by Edward Udarbe

Luminit offers the largest library of beam angles, including circular, elliptical, and extreme elliptical angles. Elliptical angles, also called asymmetrical, diffuse the light source more in one direction than the other, and when used with collimated LEDs, provide key advantages to lighting designers and engineers. Because elliptical diffusion angles diffuse more light towards one axis,this precise control of the beam angle means light is delivered exactly where it's required and is not wasted.

Benefits of Extreme Elliptical Diffusion Angles

Extreme elliptical angles such as 60° x 1° create a unique effect (i.e., the light is shaped into a line) due to the 60 to 1 ratio (major axis to 1); 60° along the width and 1° along the length of the diffuser. This is useful for applications with a specific target plane, such as wall-wash, linear, wall-graze, and cove lighting. Precisely-controlled illumination angles provide homogenized and uniform illumination further up the wall in vertical applications.


60 degree diffuser

Example of 60˚ x 1˚ elliptical LSD SEM Structure at 600x

Luminit Lighting Shaping Diffusers with extreme elliptical angles also offer the benefits of high transmission efficiency, hiding hotspots, and homogenized lighting, providing uniformity and preventing multiple shadows on a target, while showcasing our ability to precisely shape, control, and distribute light.


Luminit Provides 60° x 1° and 1° x 60° Light Shaping Diffusers on Seamless Roll Formats

Luminit extreme elliptical angles are available on seamless rolls with 60° along the width or length and 1° on the perpendicular axis. Seamless rolls offer a competitively-priced solution for large formats and volumes. With lengths up to 1,500 feet and widths ranging from 0.5 inches to 24 inches, Luminit customers can choose a Light Shaping Diffuser in a format that works with their assembly.

For more information about our 60° x 1° and 1° x 60° Light Shaping Diffusers on Seamless Roll Formats, contactsales@luminitco.com