Holographic Images without Special Glasses

Luminit Computer Generated Holograms allow viewers to see clear, crisp, and bright holographic images without the need for glasses or other special eyewear. With Luminit three-dimensional computer generated holography, a predetermined image (e.g., a company logo) or illumination pattern can be encoded into a plastic substrate. When the thin plastic film is exposed to a light source such as a laser or LED, it can be projected on a wall, the ground, or any other surface. Because the computer generated hologram can be affordably mass produced, they offer benefits across a wide spectrum of industries.

  • Automotive lighting

  • Live Events and Staging

  • 3D CGH for display applications

  • Commercial branding and logo projection

  • Retail Signage 

  • Emergency exit signs and crowd control

computational holography for branding
A Computer Generated Hologram (CGH) projects a bright, holographic logo on the front of the Luminit building.  

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