Luminit is a leading provider of fine optics and microoptics for the emerging LiDAR, biometrics, time of flight (ToF) markets. Our in-house direct-writing of masters bring custom microoptics designs from conception to high volume production, and Luminit's greyscale photolithography and advanced microscopy tools allow the creation of refractive and diffractive optics with feature sizes down to 1 micron. Advantages to customers include design, mastering, replicating, testing and measuring under one roof with compressed design cycles and simplified supply chains.

Optical outputs include flat-top intensity profiles, random dot generators, pattern generators, custom diffuser profiles, Fresnel lenses, phase plates, and custom logos or graphics. Components can be manufactured by injection molding, roll-to-roll embossed, or sheet-by-sheet embossed, depending on thickness, temperature, and volume requirements.

light shaping microoptics


  wafer thin micro optics flat top intensity profiles


•    Precision, high-volume plastic optics
•    3D surface relief creation
•    Smooth or pixelated greyscale designs
•    Multi-layer alignment and measurement tools
•    Surface and profile measurement tools
•    3D Measurements
•    Custom refractive optics design
•    Custom diffraction optics design




•    LiDAR
•    Branding projection
•    Facial recognition
•    Iris recognition
•    Time of Flight
•    Gesture Recognition
•    Beam Shaping
•    Structured Lighting
•    Random dot generator