Increasing Brightness with Round Tip Display Film

Luminit scientists and engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what our diffuser technology can do with light energy. Our patented surface micro- structures provide customized light shaping and brighter displays which results in more appealing and higher performance products. Round Tip Display (RTD) film is an example of how our Light Shaping Diffuser technology can be used to increase the brightness of displays by making use of refracted and reflected light to recycle otherwise wasted light and direct more light toward the viewer. RTD can provide a brightness gain of 30% to 40% in a display, and because the round tips are more rugged than sharp tip prisms, RTD is less likely to break and contaminate the display.

How RTD Works

The round tip pattern is embossed on a 10 mil polycarbonate substrate which has higher temperature durability when compared to polyester films. The RTD film is typically used in a display stack with the first RTD film with a diffuser on the bottom facing the light source, and a second RTD film without a diffuser oriented crosswise to the bottom layer with a cover sheet and the LCD panel on top.

Increase brightness of a display

When the RTD film is combined with a diffuser, it reduces the number of films in the display stack. Other brightness enhancement films may be used in conjunction with the RTD films, typically between the top RTD film and the cover sheet.

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