Modeling Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers: A Reference Guide

Since launching our BSDF and DLL scatter models for OpticStudio and Optis back in 2016, many engineers and lighting designers have taken advantage of these time-saving file downloads. We designed this proprietary optical model so customers could visualize the output distribution of a Light Shaping Diffuser and choose the right angle. Although the files continue to be utilized effectively, we receive a number of questions from users who are unclear as to what models Luminit can provide. To clear up any confusion, the following is an explanation of what Light Shaping Diffuser models we offer free of charge, what modeling services require a fee, and some of the software restrictions users may experience.

Downloading BTDF AND BSDF Data

If you go to our BTDF and BSDF downloads page,  you’ll find three sections: Download Radiant ISX BTDF Data, Download Optis BSDF Data, and Download Luminit BSDF Data. Let’s begin with one of the commonly used modeling downloads, Zemax Radiant BSDF ISX files for OpticStudio. While these files can be downloaded, to utilize them, customers must have the Premium version of Zemax. At the time of launch, Radiant and Zemax were one company; however, Radiant Vision Systems has since split from Zemax making file support no longer available. We, therefore, discontinued additional generation of this file format and new angles are no longer available. The only angles available to download are what is listed on the page. 

Zemax software

What If I Don’t Have Zemax Premium?

If you don’t have the Premium version software, we recommend utilizing either the newer Luminit DLL or BTDF/BRDF versions. These work in both Premium and Professional versions of Zemax OpticStudio and are updated regularly. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files which are native to OpticStudio.

Luminit DLL Files

  • Circular and elliptical angles from our catalog are free to download
  • Custom circular or elliptical angles require a fee
  • DLL files are frequently blocked by anti-virus software. Contact us at if this is the case.


  • Only circular angles are available
  • Only the angles listed in the catalog are free to download
  • Custom circular angles will require a fee

What about Optis BSDF Data?

The SPEOS/Optis (now Ansys Optis) BSDF data is located on our website as well and is compatible with different CAD packages such as CATIA, Solid Works, NX and ProE. However, these are limited to 80 x 80, 80 x 50 and 60 x 60 degree angles, and Luminit does not have other BSDF files for Optis. The files that are on our website are older versions, and we do not own Optis software to allow testing. If you require other beam angles, we recommend customers contact Ansys Optis directly as this measurement and file requirement is a paid service.

synopsis light tool

What about LightTools and Lucid Shape?

Both of these optical design tools are owned by Synopsis. LightTools has a library of Luminit angles available; however, we do not own a copy of either of these software packages, and new angles must be measured to be available in LightTools or Lucid Shape. We recommend contacting Synopsis directly for information on available angles as this is not a free service.

Luminit includes detailed user guides on BTDF and DLL files; however, if you have any questions about our modeling services, you can always reach out to us at