The Art and Science of LED Light Beam Shaping

Although tertiary optics or LED light diffusers have virtually endless applications, beam shaping remains one of the most popular applications in lighting design, particularly with LEDs. Controlling the shape, size, and distribution of light is the cornerstone of Luminit technologies, and we’re taking LED beam shaping to new heights with our patented Light Shaping Diffusers. 

What Does A Light Shaping Diffuser Do?

A scientific definition of a Light Shaping Diffuser would be something like “a holographically-generated surface relief pattern copied on to a surface.” Taking the tech talk down a notch, Light Shaping Diffusers are micro-structures embedded on a substrate that can manipulate light by changing the direction of its energy. The diffusion control of Luminit diffusers is so precise that angular beam control is possible. How does these help engineers and lighting designers?  Light Shaping Diffusers “clean up” and shape a light beam to suit a particular purpose.

shaping LED light beam using a light shaping diffuser
Luminit’s patented micro-structures can manipulate LED light into circular or elliptical patterns that have a variety of applications in private industry, government and scientific communities.

Light Shaping Diffusers in the Real World

Beam shaping translates to all kinds of clever and helpful applications from highly scientific to automotive taillights and running lights, to stage and decorative lighting. One of the most popular applications for Light Shaping Diffusers as an LED strip diffuser where hot spots are homogenized for a smooth, eye-pleasing result.  Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers can manipulate the shape of a circular LED beam into a variety of elliptical shapes and sizes or stretch the beam in a certain direction. The benefits are significant in indoor and outdoor lighting because it allows the beam to target the area of interest without wasting light and energy. Stretching a beam of light allows lighting designers to project a long line of light on a wall or floor with greater efficiency than traditional spread lenses.


reducing striations in LED light bulbs
Real-world products benefiting from Light Shaping Diffusers also include spot/track lights. Here, a light diffuser (2, 3.5 or 5 degree) is used to eliminate non-uniformity in the light plane. 

Aircraft makers are discovering the benefits of Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers in reading lights where beam shaping can direct light on the user without spilling light onto other passengers. In addition, some of the world’s most famous museums use the beam-shaping quality of Luminit LED diffusers to spotlight only the artwork and not the floor or the wall it hangs on, creating a much more dramatic visual and, of course, efficient use of light.

car that uses LED diffuser in the taillight
If you've been behind a newer model Durango, you've seen our Light Shaping Diffusers at work homogenizing LED hotspots on tail lights. 


how to diffuse hard light in a retail space
Extreme elliptical angle Light Shaping Diffuser are ideal for applications with a specific target plane, such as wall-wash, linear, wall-graze, and cove lighting.
airplane lighting above the seat
Luminit technology is used on overhead aircraft lighting to keep light from spilling over to the next seat.

Endless Potential with Light

Using a beam shaping Light Shaping Diffuser is like having a Swiss Army Knife for light, allowing engineers and designers to precisely control the distribution of light in many interior and exterior lighting applications. Today, many OEMs are now incorporating LED light diffusion technology into fixtures/lamps at the manufacturing levels, rather than as an afterthought, and experiencing the endless benefits of Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffusers.

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