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Luminit Helps You Diffuse and Shape Light

Luminit is a global provider of innovative light management solutions for general lighting, architectural & entertainment lighting, display, automotive, biomedical, and machine vision industries. Our Light Shaping Diffusers use patented surface microstructures to provide customized light shaping, best-in-class LED hiding power, brighter displays, more appealing fixtures, and higher performance optical devices. More

Texas State House wall wash

LED lighting, LCD display, projection systems, mobile displays, barcode scanners, flashlights, lamp, microscope illumination, fiber-optics, LED illumination, laser, LED and CCFL homogeneity and beam shapers, optical sensing, bio-medical instrumentation, architectural, automotive lighting, signage, channel letters, wall washers, PAR lamps, recessed down lights, MR lamps, and Machine Vision illuminators.

  • Homogenization
  • Remove striations
  • Reduce hot spots
  • Reduce multiple shadows
  • Control beam angle
  • RGB LED color mixing
  • Reduce scalloping
  • Control glare, laser eye safety, LED hiding power

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