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Endless Possibilities with Light

Welcome to Luminit where the transformation of light leads to endless possibilities! Luminit is renowned worldwide for developing some of the most advanced technologies for shaping, diffusing and controlling light. Chances are you’ve already seen our light management solutions in one of hundreds of retail stores, some of the world’s most prestigious museums, or at a recent concert or stage show. Luminit lighting management solutions are also used in aircraft and automotive instrument panels, cell phones and PDA displays, even barcode scanners. How did we get here? More

Painting with Light: Our Light Shaping Diffusers® (LSD) help transform the Texas State House.

LED lighting, LCD display, projection systems, mobile displays, barcode scanners, flashlights, lamp, microscope illumination, fiber-optics, LED illumination, laser, LED and CCFL homogeneity and beam shapers, optical sensing, bio-medical instrumentation, architectural, automotive lighting, signage, channel letters, wall washers, PAR lamps, recessed down lights, MR lamps, and Machine Vision illuminators.

  • Homogenization
  • Remove striations
  • Reduce hot spots
  • Reduce multiple shadows
  • Control beam angle
  • RGB LED color mixing
  • Reduce scalloping
  • Control glare, laser eye safety, LED hiding power

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