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Luminit R&D is a technology innovator specializing in advanced optical and holographic systems. Our team designs, develops, and manufactures optical solutions that solve tough challenges faced by OEM manufacturers in the lighting, display, automotive, and other high tech industries. Our specialty products and services include:

  • Transparent Holographic Components

  • Light Shipping Micro-OpticsTHC logo

  • Custom Angle Light Shaping Diffusers

Transparent Holographic Components™ 

Luminit developed a successful HOE-based technology that enables high brightness virtual image for Augmented Reality applications. THCs use highly efficient Holographic Optical Elements that direct light beams without the need for conventional optics. This unique holographic technology works with near-to-eye displays, head-mounted displays, head-up displays and automotive windshield head-up displays. Recorded on thin (10-30 micron) holographic photopolymer film, the holograms have thick Bragg properties that are wavelength and angle selective, have very low scattering, high transparency (>90%), and have a diffraction efficiency that is below 90% at peak.

Applications include:

• Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

• Automotive head-up displays on windshields

• Head-mounted displays for off-axis image projection

• Personal wearable display eyewear

• Eye-tracking

• More efficient backlighting on LED and LCD lighting

• Enhanced solar concentrators, optical sensors, and spectrometers

• Increased high capacity recording memory

Optical Design & Prototyping

Luminit’s holographic optical design expertise is available as a service to manufacturers and government agencies.  We have the experience and capacity to record almost any type of hologram—reflection and transmission, free-space and substrate-guided. Luminit R&D develops special-purpose prototypes for both commercial and private sectors.


Luminit has unique and patented production capabilities that allow contact optical reproduction in a roll-to-roll system for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing of surface relief films. A multitude of optical tables, clean rooms, in-house mastering, and production, combined with our core competency of roll-to-roll manufacturing, result in a swift concept-to-production cycle.

Light Shaping Micro-optics (LSM)

Luminit Light Shaping Microoptics (LSMs) enable custom rectangular beam shapes and flat-top intensity profiles for applications such as LiDAR, ToF, LiFi, 3D sensing, biometrics, and time of flight (ToF) markets. With in-house direct-writing of masters along with our greyscale photolithography and advanced microscopy tools, we can create refractive and diffractive optics with feature sizes as small as 1 micron. Optical outputs include flat-top intensity profiles, random dot generators, pattern generators, custom diffuser profiles, Fresnel lenses, phase plates, and custom logos or graphics.

Applications include:

  • LiDAR

  • IR emitter-based facial/eye/head tracking

  • IR and visible emitter based LiFi

  • Automotive HUD

  • Branding projection

  • Facial recognition

  • Time of Flight (drones, automation, robotics)

  • Gesture Recognition

  • Flexible light guides

  • Beam Shaping

  • Structured Lighting

  • Random dot generator

Custom Light Shaping Diffusers

Luminit also develops specialized custom angles of our Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers for a number of industries and applications.

Contact us at sales@luminitco.com to learn more.