wide angle glass diffuser for VCSEL
Polar projection of far-field intensity

Luminit offers the widest commercially available polymer on glass flat top diffuser at 148° x 98°. The polymer on glass format is compatible with standard solder reflow processes used in the semiconductor industry to mount surface-mount technology (SMT) components to PCBs and other electronic assemblies. Polymer on Glass Micro-optics are ideal for parts <5mm in size and high volumes of >100K per month. Applications for flat top diffusers include VCSEL, 3D sensing, autonomous vehicles and drones, consumer electronics and other industries seeking precise beam control. These custom Light Shaping Micro-optics are on thin (0.4mm) glass and utilize proprietary pseudo randomized micro-lens features to achieve uniform illumination patterns that do not exhibit any coherent diffractive effects. 

What are the advantages of a Polymer-on-Glass Diffuser? 

  • High-quality homogenization

  • No coherent diffractive effect

Available angles

148° x 98°, 20°x 90°, 20°x190°, 125°x30°, 110°x80°, 47°x41°, 90°x70°


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