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Better, More Even LED Displays with Edge-lit Uniformity Tape

Edge-lit Uniformity Tape, or EUT, is a remarkably effective method for solving common problems associated with widely-spaced LEDs. These problems include hot spots and other non-uniform characteristics that can be visible on the edges of LED flat panel TVs, as well as edge-lit lighting fixtures. For example, the following image is a display with LED lights spaced at 18 millimeters or 0.708 inches apart. Better uniformity could be achieved by adding more LED lights. The downside to this is an increase in the bill of materials. Edge-lit Uniformity Tape is an effective LED strip light diffuser and is a more cost-effective solution that can be applied to the light guide during the assembly process. The result is a more uniform, brighter display without increasing the number of LED lights.



Savings and Benefits of Luminit Edge-lit Uniformity Tape:


  • Cost savings for manufacturers—fewer LEDs required for uniform coverage

  • Easy application with adhesive back for LED edge lighting 

  • Increases brightness uniformity and reduces non-uniform characteristics


Luminit Optical Science at Work

EUT uses Luminit’s world-famous Light Shaping Diffuser (LSD) technology that transforms and diffuses the light source of LEDs. Invisible to the naked eye are holographically recorded LSD microstructures embedded on polyester film.  These microstructures increase the divergence of the LEDs, allowing the light to mix before entering the visible part of the display. 



Optical Characteristics of Luminit EUT

  •  Transmission: Greater than 88%

  •  Lighting Panel Uniformity: Greater than 80%




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