Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers®  are actively being used to enhance LED fixtures for automotive taillights, auxiliary lighting, dashboard panel illumination, and more. One of the most noticeable uses for Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffusers® can be seen in vehicle taillights where the diffusion ability of Luminit LSDs allows lighting designers to homogenize and control the output of an LED light source. When applied to a taillight, the LED light source or “hot spots” disappear. Additional applications include heads-up displays, interior lighting, LIDAR beam shaping and more.



diffused head lights

Forward Lighting

diffused tail light

Rear Lighting

head up display car windshield

Head-Up Display (HUD)

car dash iluminatedl

LCD Display

cluster panel

Instrument Cluster

car interior LED lights

Interior Lighting

Lidar for self driving cars


led car welcome lighting

Welcome Mat Lighting


diffusers for automotive

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