glare reduction film

Reduce Glare from LED Light Fixtures

Luminit’s non glare film suppresses high angle rays to significantly reduce glare from LED light
fixtures. Ideal for hospitals, lobbies, offices, and other spaces where glare control is essential, our Light Shaping
Glare Control Film can be combined with a Luminit diffuser to create a more uniform appearance in addition to
reducing unwanted glare.

Glare-free Luminous Flux*:     7000lm
Unified Glare Rating (UGR)**:  <19
Transmission (380 - 780NM):    90%


  • Luminaires

  •  Edge lit or Back lit

  • Suspended or recessed downlight

  •  Linear suspended or recessed


  •  Suppresses the lambertian pattern reducing glair (UGR)

  • Gain in center intensity

  • Combined with diffuser offers excellent hiding power   


Download the Data Sheet or Reach out to us.