glare control panels to reduce glare in office and retail lighting

Reduce Glare from LED Light Fixtures

Luminit’s Glare Control Panels (GCP) are one of the best ways to reduce glare in offices, schools and retail environments. These rigid panels incorporate prisms to suppress high angle rays and significantly reduce glare from LED light fixtures in hallways, lobbies, and other spaces where glare control standards must be met and where human-centric lighting is critical. Luminit is a leading glare prevention light panel manufacturer with Macro and Micro anti-glare light covers. Our Macro GCP anti-glare LED panel incorporates a three-dimensional structure that can be combined with Luminit’s 80˚ diffuser film to enable uniform-looking light fixtures. The Micro GCP also uses a three-dimensional structure on a finer scale and incorporates a volumetric diffuser to reduce glare and increase uniformity in one monolithic panel. Luminit GCPs are available in 1.5mm (Macro) or 1.8mm (Micro) thick PS for standard 4’x4’ troffers or can be custom cut to size.


  • Luminaires

  •  Edge lit or Back lit

  • Troffer 1x4, 2x2, 2x4

  • Suspended or recessed downlight

  •  Linear suspended or recessed


  •  Suppresses the lambertian pattern reducing glair (UGR)

  • Gain in center intensity

  • Combined with diffuser offers excellent hiding power   


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