Luminit LLC is a leading provider of optics for lighting, automotive, and display applications.  Luminit is looking for a Quality and EHS Technician. Responsibilities will be to maintain the Quality Lab, perform metrology as required, and keep all measuring instruments under calibration.  He/she will also be required to participate in the implementation of the Illness and Injury Prevention Program and in hazardous materials management. He/she will work in a team environment working closely with the Manufacturing and Engineering departments.


The Quality and EHS Technician will be accountable to head of Quality and Compliance.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Quality and EHS Technician will be responsible for the following:

  • Measure any parts submitted by Production, Engineering, or Sales

  • Write FAI and QC Test reports.

  • Maintain all instruments in calibration and update Calibration Record.

  • Conduct Periodic Safety Inspections and prepare and maintain Hazard Correction Record.

  • Attend Monthly Safety Committee Meetings and prepare minutes of the meetings.

  • Other assignments in the area of Quality and Environmental Safety and Health as needed.

Knowledge and Skills

The Quality and EHS Technician will strive to continually improve skills in areas relevant to discharge of responsibilities, particularly in the following areas:

  • Use of Microsoft AX system and Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook).

  • Ability to read Engineering Drawings and understanding of material and product specifications.

  • Awareness of Environmental and Safety regulations

The Quality and EHS Technician will possess the following skills and personality traits as a minimum requirement:

  • Calibration and use of all instruments required for Quality inspection

  • Good in Arithmetic, Algebra, and reading / writing English

  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office

  • Ability to work in a team environment and be a willing contributor

  • Ability to take meeting notes and write simple reports.

Education and Experience

The candidate should have an Associate degree from a recognized college.  He or she should have the work ethic and ability to complete assigned tasks as demonstrated by a minimum of three months of internship or work experience in an industrial environment.  The candidate should have interest in learning and working in the areas of Quality Inspection and Environmental Health and Safety.

Physical Requirements

Ability to lift a minimum of 20 pounds.  Occasionally, may be required to lift up to a maximum of his or her personal capacity. This requirement may be waived temporarily due to a medical condition.

Citizenship and US Residency Requirements:

US Citizenship or US Permanent Residence Visa required.


This is an entry-level job full-time position with a starting pay rate of $10 to $12 per hour. While the position is anticipated to be permanent in the near future, it is an “At Will” position and the company reserves the right to eliminate the position or terminate employment at will.

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