Edge-lit Uniformity Tape


Luminit Edge-lit Uniformity Tape (EUT) solves common problems associated with widely-spaced LEDs, including hot spots and other non-uniform characteristics visible on the edges of LED flat panel TVs and edge-lit lighting fixtures. Utilizing Luminit’s Light Shaping Diffuser (LSD) technology, EUT is typically applied to a light guide plate and diffuses the light source of the LEDs. Invisible to the naked eye, microstructures embedded on the LSD increase the divergence of the LEDs, allowing the light to mix before entering the visible part of the display. The result is a more uniform, brighter display without increasing the number of LED lights.




LCD/LED Displays


Light Shaping diffusers are used in rear projection and LED/LCD based avionics display applications. They are also used in the imaging plane of head-up avionics displays.

3D Front and Rear Projection Screens

Luminit’s LORS™ (Lights On Reflective Screen) back-metallized elliptical Light Shaping Diffusers have been used successfully in front projection screens for the past 10 years. Luminit’s newest front-metallized LORS screen has very high gain—up to 5:1—and has a very low polarization extinction ratio. These factors make it very useful for both 2D and 3D front projection screens. Luminit is working with potential partners to determine how we will bring this product line to market.

Luminit also supplies its Light Shaping Diffusers in a variety of angles on non-birefringent and other specialty substrates for use in 3D systems utilized for computer graphics, signage and gaming applications. Luminit can supply the film in rolls, mini-rolls or rigid substrates for high volume operations or the film can be cut to size. Some non-metalized elliptical Light Shaping Diffusers also work well as rear projection screens and have been used for window projection screens and other applications.

Channel Letters

Signage designers are constantly exploring new concepts for this growing segment of the display market. Light Shaping Diffusers can produce eye-catching 3D effects and reduce or eliminate the hotspots from LEDs used in the letters while still providing high levels of light transmission.

Automotive Displays

Many of the same technologies that were developed for aircraft/avionics usage are migrating to automobile display applications, from digital dashboard displays to head-up displays that allow the driver to see the dashboard without moving his eyes from the road. Luminit has worked for years in the development of head-up displays for the US government and will be applying some of its HOE technology to automobile head-up displays in the near future.

HMI Displays

LSD diffusers are used in lighted buttons and display panels in machine control applications.